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Who is Sanim Jubaer?

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Sanim Jubaer, a full-time Digital Marketer, professional blogger, and SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am 23 years old and enjoy playing cricket when I’m not at work. Currently I am working as Project Executive at 10 Minute School. It was really great honor for me to work with the largest ED-Tech Company in Bangladesh.

Are You an SEO Expert?

Expertise means to be good enough to compete with anybody in your industry.
An expert to me is more than just a word. A person who wants to be an expert must have years of experience, accomplish given tasks like a pro, and handle industry-related projects with top-notch knowledge.
Since I have worked in the SEO industry for so long, created numerous websites and ranked them, I can consider myself an SEO expert. In Bangladesh, I am ranked somewhere in the top 10 experts list.

Latest Client Work!

Project One

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Project Two

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Project Three

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My Goal

I want to help those who just start their business online or struggling with the past SEO and want to rank in Google/Bing so that they get much organic traffic and get more sales. The thing is I want to help startup companies with the best SEO strategy.